Matt E Monitoring and PEN fault protection for EV

The matt:e SP-EVCP connection center provide a simple to install dedicated EV connection center, with unique built-in PEN fault protection, that allows for the connection of EV charge points to the PME earthing facility without the use of earth electrodes.

Product Features

  • Built in matt:e technology
  • Helps reduce disruptive and costly groundworks
  • Removes the risk of striking buried services
  • Simple wire in wire out connection
  • Optional Load management with hard wired CT
  • Mild steel IP2X enclosure
  • Designed and built in the UK

Standard 3 Year parts warranty


  • Residential personal use – 36 months
  • Commercial use – 36 months
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Product description

Tesla Wall Connector—The Premier EV Charger for Your Home

Fast charge and installation
Image of Matt E SP-EVCP-T 1PH 32A Connection Unit for 1x 1PH 32A EV Charger Wholesale Distribution in Europe

Wall Connector is designed for houses, apartments and workplaces.

Tesla Wall Connector for All

The Tesla Wall Connector stands as the ultimate solution for rapid at-home EV charging, ensuring that your electric vehicle is always ready for the road. Designed with efficiency in mind, this EV charger is the fastest way to power up your Tesla at home, offering unparalleled convenience and speed.

Power Sharing for Multiple Tesla Vehicles

For households with two or more Tesla vehicles, the Tesla Wall Connector introduces a seamless power-sharing capability. This feature allows multiple Wall Connectors to intelligently distribute power, ensuring that all your household’s charging needs are met efficiently, without compromising on charging speed.

Stay Updated with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the Tesla Wall Connector stays at the forefront of charging technology. This advanced EV charger receives the latest features and enhancements directly to your home via over-the-air firmware updates. Ensuring your Tesla Wall Connector is always equipped with the latest functionalities for an optimized charging experience. Visit the Tesla Shop to purchase any additional parts.

Tesla Wall Connector must be installed by a qualified electrician.  For more information on charging or Tesla Wall Connector, visit Tesla support page.

Vehicle Charging Speeds

For the fastest home charging, install Wall Connector with a circuit breaker that matches your vehicle’s onboard charger capabilities. To view the max amperage of your Tesla vehicle, tap the lightning bolt icon on the touchscreen. To determine the max amperage of your electric vehicle, refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s guidance. For unique power situations or when power may be limited, Wall Connector can also be installed with lower amperage circuit breakers to support almost any existing electrical system.

Approximate miles of range recovered per hour of charge:

  • Model 3 and Model Y: 4 miles per kW
  • Model S and Model X: 3 miles per kW

Why Choose the Tesla Wall Connector EV charger?

  • Speed: As the fastest at-home charging solution, the Tesla Wall Connector significantly reduces downtime, getting you back on the road quicker.
  • Smart Power Sharing: Multiple Wall Connectors can share power within a household, making it an ideal solution for Tesla owners with more than one vehicle.
  • Firmware Updates: With Wi-Fi connectivity, your Wall Connector is always up-to-date, receiving the latest features and improvements over-the-air.

Elevate your electric vehicle charging with the Tesla Wall Connector, the leading EV charger designed to meet the sophisticated demands of Tesla owners. Its advanced features and smart power-sharing capability make it a must-have for any Tesla household. Experience the future of EV charging today and ensure your Tesla is always charged and ready to go.

Key Features of the Tesla Wall Connector: Fast and Versatile EV Charging Solution

  • Fast Charging Speeds
  • Works with Most EVs
  • Easy Installation and Use
  • Smart Features via Tesla Apps
  • Reliable Warranty
  • Ideal for Commercial Settings
  • Power Sharing for Multiple EVs
  • Control Who Charges
  • Versatile Installation Options




Matt E

Technical Specifications

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 169 × 182 × 111 mm

Matt E

Product Category

EV Accessories


EV Charger

Nominal Current [A] Nominal current is essentially the normal electrical current that we would expect to flow through a circuit at any given time.


Nominal Voltage [V] The nominal voltage is defined as the voltage value assigned to an electric circuit or system to designate its voltage class. In simple words, the voltage level of an electrical power system is called the nominal voltage of the system.



Single Phase

For more details or product information please check the datasheet of the product, visit the manufacturer` website for the latest releases or Contact buysolar.

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Discover the latest in EV charger monitoring and protection solutions with Matt E. As a premier wholesale distributor in Europe, we offer cutting-edge technology to optimize EV charging efficiency. #EVChargers #Monitoring #Protection #Wholesale #Europe

matt:e was formed in 2013 by a group of engineers and electricians, all sharing a common interest in the design and development of innovative energy-saving solutions. With a growing portfolio, matt:e are committed to providing robust products that are compliant, safe, and simple to install. Saving time and cost during installation but above all offering a safe solution for the installer and user.

The company strongly believes in supporting British manufacturing so wherever possible, and looks to source our materials from the UK. Matt"E latest EVU connection units with built-in Patented* O-PEN® technology are designed to give compliant protection against the dangers of an open PEN conductor on three-phase TN-C-S (PME) supplies for single and three-phase loads.

For buildings with a single-phase TN-C-S (PME) supply, we offer our UK manufactured SP and IP EVCP connection centers for EV chargers.

"The matt:e SP-EVCP connection centres provide a simple to install dedicated EV connection centre, with unique built-in PEN fault protection, that allows for the connection of EV charge points to the PME earthing facility without the use of earth electrodes." Segen UK